Customer Testimonials

[After leaving my suit] on a luggage trolley at Sydney Airport…Tricia and Verona…[offered] to make me another suit, then discounted the price because they felt sorry for me, and shipped it out with a Christmas card and a complimentary tie. Now that is a Vietnamese tailor worth doing business with.

Joel (Australia)

Dear T&V --
I am a new customer, and purchased clothes from your shop on a recent visit to Saigon. Thank you for your outstanding service and quality work.
I am back in the USA now and have received many compliments on my suit, ties and shirts.
I am a very happy and satisfied customer! I look forward to placing an order with you again soon.

Best regards,

Frank (North Carolina, USA)

Hello Tricia,
You delivered the two suits to me tonight at my hotel. The suits are beautiful. Thank you. 
If you still have my measurements, please keep them in your files as I will be ordering much more from you. 
Thank you,

Tran (NYC, USA)

Hi Tricia,
The trousers turned up this morning. Thank you very much for that; they fit very nicely. Thank you also for the lovely tie - it was very thoughtful of you to send a gift for me. Hope you are all well. Say hello to Verona for me. I can't wait to see you both again sometime soon.

Alastair (Australia)

Hi Tricia,
You made some clothes for me recently and I like them very much!
Could you possibly make me some more shirts?

Simon (Australia)

Hello Tricia and Verona,
We are now on our way home, through Singapore and San Francisco. Please know how much we enjoyed meeting both of you and seeing the results of your work. The clothing items we are taking home are just beautiful - thanks again. Best regards with our hope that you have a prosperous 2007.

Miller and Cheryl (USA)

Thank you very much for the suits and shirts. They all fit very nice.
Thanking you,

Laz (Australia)

I just got the suit today!  It looks great - if I need stuff in the future I'll let you know since you have my measurements now.

Wes (San Francisco, CA)

I am very happy with my suits and other clothes. I would like to order two more suits in wool.

Katherine (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)

Dear Tricia,
I saw my friend last night - she looked great in the green suit you made her. It fit perfectly and looked beautifully made. 
She also handed over my red Chinese dress which fits perfectly - thank you so much for altering this.  My fiancé loved it!
Best wishes,

Elizabeth (United Kingdom)

Hi Tricia,
I did receive the suit.  Thank you very much.  It is very nice.  I am looking forward to wearing it.  Thank you very much again for being so patient and doing such a good job. 
Best regards,


Dear Tricia,
My suit arrived today.  It only took 1 week to get here.   Like the other suit, it fits perfectly.  Thank you so much for making it.
I wish you all the best for your tailoring business and will be in touch when I need some other clothes made.
Kind Regards,

David (United Kingdom)

Hi Tricia,
This is Pete from the United States. I bought some shirts and pants from you recently in HCMC. They look great!

Pete (United States)

A million thanks for my suits. I love them and now that I'm home I'm wondering whether it is possible to get another one made.
Kind regards,

Jacky (Ireland)

Thanks again for your great work...I really like the clothes and will be sure to refer your good work to other people.


Hi Tricia,
The coats arrived at my house yesterday.  They are so pretty, and they fit me perfectly.  Thanks so much!   
It was so nice to meet you when I was in Vietnam!  I think that you are an extraordinary woman - a talented businesswoman as well as a kind humanitarian.  I will certainly come to see you the next time I am in Vietnam.  I hope we will keep in touch!  
Best wishes and luck to you,


Dear Tricia & Verona,
Thank you very much for the new suit you made me.  It fits very well and my wife is quite happy with it.  I would like to order another suit and 2 pair of pants.


Hi Trish,
I was up there in April with a large group of ladies.  You made some beautiful clothes and sent them on to us at the hotel.
I bring up groups every couple of months and have been recommending your services.  

Katie (NSW, Australia)

Hi Tricia,
It was such a pleasure to meet both of you while we were in Vietnam.  I look forward to receiving our beautiful clothing!
Thank you so much for all your hard – but beautiful – work! 
Best regards,

Nancy and Mark

Tricia & Verona are very customer service oriented and very skilled at making clothes that fit well and are flattering to the figure. The prices are very reasonable and the turnaround is excellent.

Anonymous - New York Times