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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Ron K - Client


I've had the pleasure to get custom clothing made from Tricia and Verona on 4 subsequent Ho Chi Minh City trips. I consider myself an expert on SE Asia tailoring and cutomized clothing as I have managed to locate the finest tailors in Bangkok, Saigon and Hanoi. Tricia and Verona deliver beautiful clothing in record time. They are fast, kind, economical, efficient and deliver a top-notch product - for both mens & womens clothing.

T&V is conveniently located directly across from the Sheraton Hotel on Dong Du street in District 1. They have a friendly shop with a nice selection of materials for shirts, suits, slacks, etc. I assume they also have a large selection of prints and fabrics for womens clothing. I can only talk to the quality of their Shirts and Sportjackets. The shirts I have purchased from T&V are some of my favorites that I wear to my most important meetings and dates in San Francisco. The fit and quality of the shirts are superior to what you could find in any US deptarment store or 'off the rack' in any country. What is especially nice is that you can custom design your shirts to be perfect, by customized the length, cut, buttons, collar, width, cut, design, etc. Anything you can imagine - they can do it. I even brought in a beautiful vintage Ralph Lauren safari jacket and they replicated it perfectly in a beautiful hunter green color. Ralph Lauren himself would be jealous...!

Tricia an Verona have very affordable pricing and they can rapidly turn around custom clothing in as little as 2-3 days, which is more difficult to find in Saigon. There are other good tailor around District 1, but their prices are considerably more expensive and it takes them weeks to turn around a jacket vs. days for T&V.

Tricia and Verona are great people. Extremely smart, kind and friendly. They speak and understand fluent English and they are expert tailors and seamstresses. You will not be disappointed with their work. I still wear the first shirts I purchased from T&V 4 years ago, because they are nicer and fit better than my Brooks Brothers, Brioni, Boss shirts, etc.

You will not be dissappointed with T&V - they are easily the most efficient, skilled and friendly tailors you will find in District 1. If it were possible, I would give them 6 stars!

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