Perfect Custom suit - Quick Turnaround

Tuesday, January 10, 2017


“Perfect Custom suit - Quick Turnaround”
Tricia and Verona know what they are doing. My fiance and I came in to get a custom suit made and we ended up also getting 4 custom shirts made as well. Both sisters were such a pleasure to work with and walked us through the whole process from choosing the fabrics and styles to getting measured and fitted.

They took my fiance's measurements right there on our first visit and said we could come back the next day around 8pm for the first fitting. When we came back, the suit was only half finished....enough to try it on and get all the exact measurements based on the style my fiance had in mind. Once he tried it on they said we could come back the next day at 9pm for the final fitting and it would be ready to take home then.

We came back at 9pm the next day and the suit was all done and fit like a glove! They just needed to sew on the buttons to the shirts, so we just came back in another hour and everything was done and ready to take home. The bespoke suit and shirts look fantastic! They are all high quality, beautifully crafted and tailored to fit perfectly. This suit would easily cost $1500+ in the US to make and we paid just under $200 US dollars.

We still cant believe we got such an excellent quality suit built from start to finish in just over 2 days. We can't say enough great things about our experience with Tricia and Verona and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a made to order suit in record time!

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