To have created happy customers in over 15 countries, Tricia & Verona must be doing something right. Tricia’s knack for business and Verona’s eye for design make these sisters the perfect team. They built their business from the ground up and credit the incredible growth of their store to their adamant quest for quality and their devotion to customer service. Most new customers come to T&V because of a recommendation received from another T&V customer that is their biggest marketing tool. Just more proof that T&V’s core values drive their desire to make the best custom clothing for every customer.

How did such a successful business find its start? Born in Dakmil, Vietnam, the daughters of a tailor, Tricia and Verona grew up around garment making. Their mother owned her own tailoring shop for about three years before her marriage. Tricia recalls, I always wore clothes made by my mom. They were nice but not fashionable. It was this taste for fashion that prompted Tricia to make her very first shirt at age 14. Tricia purchased a simple sleeveless top and disassembled the garment to get a better look at how it was made. Then she waited until her mom left for a wedding for a chance to use some of the fabric her mom had around the house. Vietnamese weddings are very long, Tricia recalls with a mischievous chuckle. The multi-hour celebration gave Tricia just enough time to complete her shirt before her mother’s return. Her mother became a great help to Tricia when she started her first tailoring shop in high school.

While in high school, Tricia studied each morning and made clothing in the afternoon. Her first customer was a classmate. Tricia read books on tailoring and her sister, Verona, took a course on garment making. The girls learned how to craft a variety of clothing from button-down shirts to pants and skirts. In the early days in Dakmil, Tricia sewed each button hole by hand and pressed finished pieces using a coal iron.

Four years after high school, Tricia moved to Ho Chi Minh City to study English and corporate finance. While in school she worked odd jobs until she saved enough money to open her own business. She brought each of her 5 brothers and sisters to Ho Chi Minh City to study as well. With Verona now in Ho Chi Minh City with her, Tricia decided to expand. She hired an older man, a long time suit maker, to teach her the art of crafting quality suits while Verona embarked on a two year study of design. By April of 2006, the girls had a slew of devoted patrons and named their shop Tricia & Verona.

What makes their store different? Customers who come to T&V know they will be shopping in a relaxing, worry-free environment, just right for choosing custom clothing to match their personal styles. Friendly T&V employees are on hand to give expert advice and to help choose the best fabrics. While other stores are consumed with selling as many items as possible, Tricia’s biggest focus is on providing her customers the utmost quality and on making sure her customers know they will be taken care of when they shop at T&V. The T&V website has been designed to provide a similar experience to online shoppers. Customers can relax knowing that Tricia and Verona will go to all lengths to make sure each customer is completely happy with his or her purchase. As one customer writes in The Sydney Morning Herald, “[After leaving my suit] on a luggage trolley at Sydney Airport…Tricia and Verona…[offered] to make me another suit, then discounted the price because they felt sorry for me, and shipped it out with a Christmas card and a complimentary tie.